Rookie Roundup Winner in North Alabama

I wanted to share this from the Huntsville Club newsletter…
From: Gary <suckowg (at)>
To: Bob Burns <robert.h.burns (at)>; bill.bathgate (at)
Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2015 9:19 PM
Subject: Rookie Roundup
Bob,  scores are in and it looks like we came in first!!  Although it doesn’t count but we had the highest points in the Nation. How sweet it is.
Thanks Bob for the use of your equipment and your coaching. Also Bill, thanks for being my Elmer in getting me into this radio stuff more and for last years Field Day. I’m starting to like this stuff but the 6 hours straight is a little too much.
Editor:  Gary W9GSM (formerly KK4WGE), is a Technician Licensee.  He utilized the HF station of Bob K4RHB with Bob being the control operator as Gary made contacts.

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