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2017 Alabama QSO Party News

  • (April 7th 2018) Big changes are coming to the AQP!  Most notably, the date will be moving from June to September.  The date for the 2018 AQP will be 1500 UTC September 1, to 0300 UTC September 2rd, 2018.  That’s 10:00 AM CDST to 10:00 PM CDST September 1, September 2018.  Please check back here often for additional rules changes.
  • (July 4th, 2017) Preliminary results have been posted.  Note: These are preliminary results.  Final results will be posted soon.
  • (July 4th, 2017) The logs received page has been updated.  As of today, 165 logs have been received.  Please checked the logs received link above to verify your submission.  If there are any issues, please use the Contact Us link to let us know.  Thanks again to everyone who participated in this year’s running of the AQP.  We hope to see you again next June.  Have safe and happy 4th of July!
  • (June 18th, 2017) The Alabama Contest Group would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s running of the Alabama QSO Party.  Activity was high from both in and out-of-state competitors.  A special thanks goes out to the mobile operations which activated many of the more “rare” counties.  You folks are amazing in both your operating skills and your dedication to the AQP!  The logs received thus far page has been updated.  As of this morning we have received 155 logs.  Please remember to submit your log!  The Alabama Contest Group is already at work planning and organizing the 2018 AQP.  We hope to see you all again then!
  • (May 1st, 2017) The Alabama Contest Group would like to thank Jim Johnson, KC4HW, for building the Alabama QSO Party into the major operating event it has become.  Under Jim’s leadership the AQP has steadily grown over the years.  This could only happen through the hard work and dedication Jim has poured into this effort year in and year out!  The Alabama Contest Group will be hard pressed to live up the the example Jim has set.  Thank you Jim for everything you’ve done for the AQP.  73 and see you in the pile ups!
  • (Jan 16th, 2017) A new group will be taking over the organization/management of the Alabama QSO Party soon.
    • After 12 years of involvement, I only be Mobile participant. By-in-large it has been fun! I have met many many folks along the way and have enjoyed it all! I would like to thank a few people that have helped over the years:
      • My wife, Bonnie has been the chief editor of almost all the documents that were generated over these years.
      • My Daughter, Jennifer, has contributed as a web/graphic designer and in some form or another has contributed to the all the graphics and web pages.
      • Tom Hardison/K4ZGB has been here from the very beginning as the W4AQP Trustee, AQP Treasurer, promoter and participant–always could count on Tom!
      • Tom Moore/WX4TM (SK) was a significant source of support and guidance until he passed–but he is still remembered!
      • Jerry Fiore/N4JF (SK) also a strong support/promoter from the very beginning, I am sorry that he has pasted–but still remembered!
      • Tim Wininger/AB4B supporting the Hamfest publicity for several years!
      • Tom Schwin/W4NBS publicity for several years.
      • Ed Winkler/KJ4LTA supported the certificate program for the last few years!
      • All the mobiles both inside Alabama and that came from outside the state that participated from all the counties in Alabama. With out this support there really would not have been much activity. All the fixed station participants in Alabama and through out the world.
  • (Jan 16th, 2017) We have a new email link for inquires, please send questions or comments to
  • (Jan 16th, 2017) The 2017 Alabama QSO Party Rules have been updated, see the 2017 heading above.